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Welcome to Mixing Up Magic

Hi! My name is Beth and I am co-author of the book series, Mixing Up Magic. This book is loosely based on my youngest daughter, Lainey, and her new journey in life.

My world changed in an instant with six words. "Your daughter has type 1 diabetes." I wanted to know what I was up against so I spent the night on the internet doing google searches for type 1 diabetes.
Not. My. Best. Plan.
Thankfully over time, I found reliable sources of information and support.

I wanted to find positive sources of information for my daughter, Lainey, too. There is some positive, informative material out there but I wanted something entertaining as well. Something that she could relate to and that might help her cope with the emotional side of this disease. In my search, I noticed a void in literature that accurately represented children with type 1 and included some adventure. 

That is when my good friend, Patricia, and I decided to create Mixing Up Magic, a chapter book series that will both entertain and educate children as they face many different challenges. Sometimes kids have to deal with big issues and mental health is extremely important at every age. We tackle type 1 diabetes head-on while also dealing with other issues kids face every day such as friendship, school, sibling relationships, divorce, loss, and so much more. 

The first book in the series, Mixing Up Magic: Paris Adventure, was launched on January 10, 2021. The second book in the series, Mixing Up Magic: Italy Adventure will be launched on September 20, 2021. Our target audience is seven to twelve-year-olds and their adults. Please sign up for our email to stay in the loop about upcoming releases. And check back here for blog updates. See you soon!